Team_Das sind wir_Bergrose Hideaway

A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.

Mark Twain

Being hosts is our family tradition

Our most beautiful childhood memories are all related to international cultures, loving encounters, and interesting people. That’s probably how it is, when you grow up in a hotel – and we are quite proud of it. Our family has been doing this for almost 40 years. We are now the third generation who welcomes guests and creates a hideaway for you – our hideaway. We gladly share it with people from around the world, because already many years ago a famous American guest told us: “You guys live in paradise and you don’t even know it!”

Team_Das sind wir_Bergrose Hideaway

The family Edlinger-Zopf

With us, people can feel that they are in a family. In a true one. With problems, challenges, and solidarity. With bad and good days. And that is a good thing, because neither do we always want to smile, nor do we want to make any rules. We want to be just the way we are and will accept you just the way you are. With respect, honesty, and discretion.

Franziska_Das sind wir_Bergrose Hideaway


Unique - our grandmother

There are many varieties of roses, but there is one variety that steps out of line – the wild mountain rose (Bergrose). Unlike all other roses it has no thorns and can even bloom in complete shadow. Also, our grandmother – the one who takes care of cupping at the hotel Bergrose – has never been afraid of stepping out of line. She has always followed her own path in a passionate but powerful way. That is exactly how we, the third generation, want to continue leading the hotel – faithfully, cordially, and lively. Just as nature shows us. Simply unique.

Johann_Das sind wir_Bergrose Hideaway


Skilled and calm

Senior boss. Diligent craftsmen. Safe haven. – As a carpenter and builder, our grandfather has been tirelessly and passionately working on the development and advancement of the hotel Bergrose throughout his whole life. In the past as well as now, he prefers to stay in the background, but he always supports our grandmother and the whole family.

Bettina_Das sind wir_Bergrose Hideaway


A host through and through

The boss. All-rounder. Spirited woman of action. Whether at the reception desk, during service, in housekeeping or in the wellness area, our mum always has everything under control. With all her heart, a lot of care and wit she keeps the family together. Cordial, passionate and robust – a true innkeeper.

Paul_Das sind wir_Bergrose Hideaway


Grounded guide

Nature-boy. Cosmopolitan cook. Seasoned executive chef with green fingers. – Because of love this globetrotter once ended up in the Salzkammergut. His impressive know-how covers so much more than just knowledge about cooking and the garden. With his calm and clear nature, he acts as an anchor for the whole family.

Viktoria von der Bergrose


Witty and charismatic

Service manager. Creative head. Everybody’s darling. – She has a clear vision of what is special as well as a keen eye for design. With a lot of attention to detail, our charming host takes care of the final touches at the hotel Bergrose in order to make a difference. Gentle, inventive and with a keen eye for style.

Dominik_Das sind wir_Bergrose Hideaway


Free spirit on the go

Cosmopolitan. Brave freethinker. Passionate cook. – Our SeeSushi pioneer has gained a lot of experience in Asia, America, and Europe. The mountains, nature, and his husky Nanuk are his inspiration. Marketing and conceptual design are his passion. He is always aiming for a goal, firmly focused on the future. Balance is the key!