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All good things are wild and free.


Japanese Izakaya. Regional. Genuinely Salzkammergut. – Everything we cook is authentic. Our meals have a Japanese influence but also international and always some regional touches. We know that this sounds like a lot. But you will see, it just feels right. Just harmonious.

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Being real

We have been travelling around the world. That leaves its marks, also in the kitchen. We have chosen the best inspirations and combined them with the exceptional diversity and quality of our regional products. We also have 40 years of restaurant know-how and we just enjoy cooking. And, by the way, we never pretend being someone we are not!

What we have.

Our offer is very seasonal. That means that other than SeeSushi we offer different small plates as well as main dishes from the Hibachi grill inspired by Japanese cuisine. #casual dining for everybody.

zubereitetes Sushi_Seesushi
Seesushi_Bergrose Hideaway
perfekte Getränke passend zum Seesushi

Get something to drink

Of course, we also offer good wines and seasonal drinks. But we are no fans of old, unaffordable bottles. We work with young, fresh producers whom we like and who share our way of thinking.