Slow Travel Hotel- Salzkammergut- Wolfgangsee- Familienbetrieb- zur Ruhe kommen- Entspannung

Today silence is more radical than noise.

Nils Frahm

Slow Travel Hotels ©

The Bergrose Hideaway is a Slow Travel Hotels © – in fact, the first one of its kind. The philosophy behind this idea is to create a greater awareness for travelling – both for travellers and for us hosts as well as for all other participants.

Less is more

A quiet time can open your senses to what is important. We want to give this experience to our guests. We create conscious experiences in harmony with nature. Pure and in real time.

Slow Travel Hotel- Salzkammergut- Wolfgangsee- Familienbetrieb- Natur- bewusste Erlebnisse

In the Here and Now

Experience the moment, savour, and sense it – Our hideaway helps you to really look, to recollect yourself, to relax and unwind and to grow internally as a result. Here you will find inspiration and balance. – Authentic, lively, clear.

The synergies of old and new.

Do you remember? Many things, which today seem to be modern or sustainable, were totally normal in the past. This has not only to do with the fact that we use less towels. No, also the relationship between guest and host was different, somehow real. We focus on conscious encounters and want to engage with each other. – Respectfully, attentively, slowly.

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Doing something more slowly also means to see more clearly what is still ahead of you.

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