Strobl at Lake Wolfgangsee

Idyllic holiday in Strobl at Lake Wolfgangsee

The town of Strobl is located at Lake Wolfgangsee, in Salzburg’s Salzkammergut region. In Strobl there is a superb view to Lake Wolfgangsee. Due to the sunny location on the eastern banks of Lake Wolfgangsee, Strobl provides a lovely natural bathing area and a relatively high water temperature. After the region became a popular holiday destination, the districts of St. Wolfgang, St. Gilgen and Strobl came together in 1998 to create ‘Wolfgangsee Tourismus Gesellschaft (WTG)’, to enhance the marketing and range on offer for tourists.


The area where Strobl is today was provided as a gift by the church of Salzburg in 739. Despite many disagreements with Mondsee monastery and the Habsburg Salzkammergut area, tenure was successfully retained. In the 14th century a settlement developed on the eastern banks of Lake Wolfgangsee. Above all else, this was a base for the transport of goods coming from Styria. This transport and goods which belonged to the cathedral funds were managed by an affluent family, the Strobls. It was from this family that today’s "Strobl am Wolfgangsee" is derived.

Up until the 17th century Strobl was a place were pilgrims and vehicle drivers came. It actually became known as Strobl only after the Kaiserhaus in Bad Ischl became known. Just after that it was already a well-known tourist area, one which was renowned for its modern facilities for the era. These days Strobl is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Salzkammergut.


The Hotel Bergrose is in the natural area in Weissenbach. The calming rippling, the tranquil atmosphere, the idyllic landscape and the welcoming hospitality offered by the Zopf family creates a sense of well-being. From the Hotel Bergrose, which is set in a peaceful location at the edge of the forest, it is just a 15 minute walk to Lake Wolfgangsee. Lovely days where you get to switch off and can expect all-round pampering, are waiting for you.