Lake Wolfgangsee

A holiday at Lake Wolfgangsee

Lake Wolfgangsee is situated to the north-east of the state of Salzburg. A small section of the almost 13 km lake does however belong to Austria. Lake Wolfgangsee is at 538 metres altitude and at its deepest point it is 114 metres to the base of the lake. To define the location more specifically, Lake Wolfgangsee is situated in the Salzkammergut, at the towns of Sankt Gilgen, Strobl, Abersee and Ried on the Salzburg side and the town of Sankt Wolfgang in Salzkammergut in Upper Austria. The alluvial fan of the Zinkenbach, at which the lake is only around 200 m wide, splits Lake Wolfgangsee into 2 lake basins.


What makes the Hotel Bergrose stand out from the many other hotels at Lake Wolfgangsee in Strobl? In the 4-star family-run Hotel Bergrose in Strobl the Edlinger family await you, in a welcoming ambience, with lovely rooms and suites, there is the Chalet Almhutte and the apartments in the "Forsthaus". The range on offer in the Hotel Bergrose is wide and varied and this makes you want to stay. The aim of the Edlinger family is not to satisfy guests, rather it is to inspire them!

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Salzkammergut, and the area around Lake Wolfgangsee in particular, is one of the best known destinations for tourists. In Sankt Gilgen, Strobl and Sankt Wolfgang in the Salzkammergut a total of around 8500 guest beds have become available. Summer holiday makers really do appreciate the area around Lake Wolfgangsee. Pleasurable bathing, boat rides and the many sports attract lots of visitors, locals and guests from other countries to Lake Wolfgangsee every year.

Lake Wolfgangsee is one of the cleanest water bodies and due to its clear waters is a super diving area which has inspiring underwater landscapes and has its own "Marine school" in St. Gilgen. Dare-devil cliff divers can show their skills on the Falkensteinwand with its cave which plunges down 28 m. The Falkensteinwand at Lake Wolfgangsee is one of the highest cliff dives in the world.