Cross-country skiing

Ski cross-country/ Cross-country skiing in Austria

Cross-country skiing is fun. It is a form of whole body training and is an endurance sport practiced outdoors. Whether classic cross-country style or skating style, cross-country is an endurance sport which is easy on your joints and provides a whole-body work-out.

Looking at the magical winter landscape all around helps distract a bit from the demands of cross-country skiing, and possibly from tired muscles and from the distance that is left until you reach your destination. In the Salzkammergut in particular, around Lake Wolfgangsee, the cross-country slopes are particularly lovely.


Very well tracked cross-country slopes await cross-country fans in the winter around Lake Wolfgangsee. Slopes of various difficulty levels and lengths are found here. In Wolfgangseetal and around Lake Wolfgangsee there are around 40km of prepared slopes in the winter.

  • Wolfgangtal and the slopes at the banks of the lake are 5-10-15 km
  • Postalm 5-10-15 km
  • Langbathseen slopes
  • Panorama Nova slope
  • Rettenbachtal slope


Cross-country skiing has been around for several thousands of years. In days gone by cross-country was primarily used as a form of getting about. There have even been competitions since the 19th century. These were initially held in Scandinavian countries and since 1924 cross-country skiing has been an Olympic discipline.


Classic style is all about moving within the tracked slopes, with arms and legs moving at the same time (right arm and left leg, left arm and right leg), with the feet positioned forwards. In skating style the skis are wholly designed to glide. Classic style slopes have tracks and the skier is guided through the slope. In skating style a flat area is prepared, with a wide surface area being rolled out. Skating style has a reputation of being more difficult to learn and is more demanding than the classic style, especially when starting out. Lots of devotees use skating style cross-country to stay fit in the summer, and related sports such as inline skating.