Swimming area & Private whirlpool

Wellness & Relaxation in the midst of the Salzkammergut

Water and stone and also wood, fire and earth. The eternal circulation of the elements is reflected in the natural materials in our wellness area. Experience the symbiosis of letting go, lying back and re-energising. Climb aboard a cycle of taking a look at yourself, understanding yourself and going a step further!

  • Indoor pool with waterfall (around 28 degrees)
  • Whirlpool (35 degrees)
  • Classic sauna (with starry sky and Aquaviva water-sound element)
  • Steam pool enhanced with natural salt water and scents
  • Kneipp tread pool
  • Massage showers
  • Relaxation couches and heated benches
  • Solarium
  • Direct exit to the garden which has sun loungers


Anyone who thinks about wellness, will be thinking about relaxing saunas, massages and well-being treatments and of course about extensive swimming areas. Where else can you feel so free and easy, enjoy a variety of sensations on your skin and deeply relax. In the Bergrose there are massage jets to provide additional relaxation from the beneficial waters. Give it a go – head for the swimming and wellness area in our wellness hotel in the middle of the Salzkammergut and feel great all-round.

Private Whirlpool

There are also oils and aromas to suit your "preferences" and "how you feel".

Air and water are the two fundamental elements of life. When you bring the two together what results is a sense of vitality. This is the simple basic principle of the whirlpool. Little jets at the bottom of the pool create thousands of air bubbles, which send the water swirling to the surface, sending your body into raptures.

Little caresses for body and soul which can an invigorating and relaxing effect. The 36 degree water combined with the massage effect loosens and unwinds muscles and calms your nervous system.

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