A therapeutic method in health

Get into it – this Japanese pressure massage is based upon the fifth element and gets your meridians and your body’s own energy flowing again. Through light pressure, stretching and exercise possible blockades are alleviated, re-harmonising body and soul and a feeling of well-being is guaranteed to set in.


Shiatsu goes hand in hand with and regulates in the event of:

  • back pain, shoulder and neck problems
  • Pain in the pelvic and hip area
  • headache, migraine, stress, burn-out, menstrual complaints, during pregnancy, for regeneration, for general upset, depression, life changes
  • Illnesses like Multiple Sclerosis or psychological problems

It strengthens the immune system and is very beneficial!

Shiatsu may also be used for children, pregnant ladies and older people. It is supporting after accidents, illness and also physiotherapy.

In Austria many medical insurance companies provide full cover for Shiatsu! During every session you will receive valuable tips to use at home.

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique which is recognised in Japan as therapeutic body work.
The theoretical basis of Shiatsu is broadly like Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM. In a report from the EU commission about complimentary medical procedures, Shiatsu was mentioned in particular as one of 8 methods.

Pressure technique is used in Shiatsu. Rotations, vibrations, acupuncture points are used too. Deep pressure using balls, hands, fingers, thumbs or elbows, and knees achieves a more intense effect on a physical and psychological level, when compared to classic massage or physiotherapy.

The body’s energy channels are the basis of the treatments, these are known as meridians, dissolving possible disharmonies or blockades in energy flow. Detailed discussions and a variety of diagnostic methods are also used.

Shiatsu massage is carried out on the floor on a comfortable mat. The majority of clients feel that Shiatsu is pleasant, relaxing and a bit different!


The effects are often clearly palpable and visible after several sessions. Shiatsu is deeply relaxing for people who are under constant pressure or who are very busy. For other people who want to feel great there are relevant invigorating massages available.

Please come to a Shiatsu treatment in light, loose jogging bottoms and a t-shirt (it is important that this is pure cotton).

Shiatsu is generally carried out lying on the floor on a mat or while seated.

My tip: Just lie back and enjoy yourself! Reservations can be mae at the Reception desk at the Hotel Bergrose!

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