Rasul bath

Health, skin care and beauty

Based on nurturing ceremonies from Harem ladies, we have taken up wonderful care methods from the East for you.

In the Rasul millennia-old knowledge about health, skin care and beauty come together perfectly. You enter a secret world where the daily grind is forgotten. Natural healing earth, which has been used since the birth of Christ, are applied to the skin to cleanse and nurture.

The clay bole clay which you get here with us comes from all over the world and is particularly sought-after because of its specific properties which make a particularly suitable medium for detox treatments.


When you sign up for a Rasul bath here with us you will get the pack you want, we offer a pack to suit a variety of areas in your body:

  • BOLUS ALPHA - for face and neck
  • BOLUS GAMMA - for stomach
  • BOLUS ZETA - for arms
  • BOLUS EPSILON - for legs

The healing earth is mixed with water and grapeseed oil before application to create an ideal consistency. Afterwards you head with your Rasul bowl into the oriental bath and the ‘healing earth’ can start being applied!

Apply the packs yourself as you see fit!

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They are completely natural, their attractive colours arise in the various different geological sites of fossil preservation. Their absorbent (detoxifying) properties make them suitable for bespoke treatments for every skin type and skin condition. Thanks to these properties contaminants and waste are excreted via the skin and the exfoliating effect prepares the surface of the skin optimally to take in nourishing and nurturing products. The initial discharge of steam creates a herbal aroma which fills the whole room while simultaneously slowly generating a pleasant heat. By rubbing the healing earth during the ceremony the subcutaneous tissue is strengthened, there is a positive effect on muscle tone and the metabolism is stimulated. The varying composition of different types of healing earth yields different levels of absorption (detoxification) and actions in the exfoliation.

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