Bar & wine cellar

A round of well-being please!

"Wine is the nightingale of drinks”, as Voltaire knew and he was right, since a glass of fine wine helps your spirits sing and takes us out of the mundane.


Excellent wines from our wine cellar with an extensive assortment flatter your senses and round off the culinary art perfectly. Numerous regional and international wines offer a broad spectrum of taste and sensory experiences.

From aperitifs to dry white wine, floral-heavy red wine, full-bodied dessert wine to the final digestif - fine wines form the perfect symbiosis with our gourmet cuisine and prepare unforgettable moments for you.


In our cosy hotel bar time is soon forgotten. Stimulating discussions. Interesting chats. Or just laughing and some chit-chat. Trouble-free. Happy. Ice-cold drinks and hot entertainment. A coffee; latte while reading a newspaper. The last refreshment stop after a hike. Or a glass of mulled wine as an apres-ski highlight. Let us indulge you!

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