Get involved: This Japanese pressure massage is based on the five elements and the meridians, and brings your body’s own energy into a state of flow again. Light pressure, stretching, and exercise dissolve any possible blockades, bringing body and soul into harmony again, which guarantees a feeling of wellbeing.

Shiatsu is also a practice which considers a person as a whole, recognising harmonies and possible disharmonies, and endeavours to create equilibrium with the respective massage technique applied.

With several “sittings” the change is often clearly perceptible and visible. Shiatsu has a deeply relaxing effect for people who are permanently under pressure, or who have to achieve a great deal. On the other hand for others who want to feel more “alive”, there is a corresponding invigorating massage. Please come to your Shiatsu treatment in light, loose jogging bottoms and t-shirt (important – made from pure cotton).

Shiatsu is chiefly practiced lying on the floor on a mat, or while seated. My tip: Just let go and enjoy! Reservations at the Hotel Bergrose Reception!

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