Rasul Bath

Based on the treatment rituals of the Harem Ladies, we have taken up wonderful treatments from the Orient for you.

In Rasul millennia old knowledge about health, skin care and beauty are combined in a perfect manner. You enter a secret world, and forget about everyday life. Natural healing earth, which has been held in high regard for the time of Christ’s birth, are to applied to the skin to cleanse and nourish.

The terra sigillata which you get here with us, comes from all over the world and is selected according to its special properties which make it a suitable medium for a purifying treatment.

Completely natural, their respective colours emerge in the different geological deposits. Its sorptive (detoxifying) properties make tailor-made care possible for every skin type and skin condition.

It is these properties which dissolve harmful substances and waste products from the skin and the peeling effect optimally prepares the surface of the skin for the absorption of nourishing and nurturing products.

With the initial outlet of steam a herbal scent fills the entire room, while at the same time a slow, pleasant hyperthermia begins. By rubbing in the healing earth during the ritual, the subcutaneous tissue is strengthened, there is a positive effect on the muscle tone and the metabolism is stimulated. In addition, the differing composition of the various healing earths attains a gradual sorption (detoxification) and action in the peel.

When you opt for a Rasul bath with us, you will receive the mix you require, which we offer for various zones of the body:

  • BOLUS ALPHA - for face and neck
  • BOLUS GAMMA - for stomach
  • BOLUS ZETA - for arms
  • BOLUS EPSILON - for legs

Before application we blend the healing earth with water and grape seed oil, to get an ideal consistency! Afterwards you go into the oriental bath with your Rasul peeling and the quothealing earthquot can then be applied!

Apply packs as desired!

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Rasul BathRasul BathRasul BathRasul BathRasul Bath

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