Private Whirlpool

A highly massaging effect!

Oils and scents are added – according to "taste" and "feeling"

Air and water are the two fundamental elements of life. When the two are mixed, joie de vivre is the result. That is the simple founding principle of the whirlpool. Little jets at the bottom of the pool produce thousands and thousands of tiny air bubbles, which stir up the water to create a whirl effect at the top, which is blissful for your body.

Little, gentle strokes for your senses and for your soul, which have an invigorating or a relaxing effect. The 36 degrees C water combined with a massaging effect relaxes and loosens your muscles, and soothes the nervous system.

Lust auf´s Wandern!

Entdecken Sie große und kleine Gipfel!

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Relaxation and recreation!


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Private WhirlpoolPrivate WhirlpoolPrivate WhirlpoolPrivate WhirlpoolPrivate Whirlpool

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