Wellness was yesterday, the future belongs to individual energy and prevention programmes which are work-out based. Out with the half-hourly treatments, in with a holistic responsibility for your own being. The Hotel Bergrose provides you with the ambiance and the atmosphere to sharpen your senses and find new methods of relaxation.

  • Rasul bath
  • “Private Whirlpool“ High level of massage effect! Also with oils – depending on quottastequot and quotfeelingquot
  • Infrared heat cabin; Irradiated by a pleasant light – your body will thank you for it!
  • Massage - classic partial and whole body massages ... as well as special packs and wraps.

Rasul Bad im Hotel Bergrose

Rasul bath

Based on the treatment rituals of the Harem Ladies, we have continued these wonderful treatments from the Orient for you.

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Shiatsu Massage im Hotel Bergrose


Get involved: This Japanese pressure massage is based on the five elements and the meridians, and brings your body’s own energy into a state of flow again.

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Stimulate your skin. Activate your nerves. And relax your muscles.

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Private Whirlpool

Air and water are the two fundamental elements of life.

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Infrared – heat cabin

The warmth of an infrared cabin can penetrate all the layers of your skin, until it reaches your muscles.

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Entdecken Sie große und kleine Gipfel!

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